Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Arm launches new chips for faster smartphone performance during Computex

by Earn Media

Arm launches new chips for faster smartphone performance during Computex

Arm CEO Rene Haas

Just ahead of CEO Rene Haas’ keynote at Computex in Taipei today, Arm launched two new products designed to increase smartphone performance. The first is the Arm Cortex-X4, its fourth-generation Cortex-X core. Arm said the Cortex-X4 is the fastest CPU it is made so far and will bring 15% more performance than its predecessor, the Cortex X-3, with a focus on enabling artificial intelligence and machine learning-based apps.

The second new product is the Arm Immortalis-G720, which is based on its fifth-generation GPU architecture. Its predecessor, the Immortalis-G715 GPU, is currently inside flagship devices from OPPO and vivo through a partnership with MediaTek. Arm’s fifth-generation GPU architecture was created with high geometry games and real-time 3D apps in mind, in order to replicate the feel of console gameplay on mobile devices.

Arm said the Cortex-X4’s microarchitecture consumes 40% less power than Cortex-X3 on the same process, increasing responsiveness and app launch time.

Arm also announced a new platform called for mobile computing called Arm Total Compute Solutions 2023 (TCS23), which will include IP like the Immortalis GPU, Armv9 CPUs and software enhancements. With their packages of IP, the company’s Total Complete Solutions series were created for System on Chip (SoC) designers who are building their own compute subsystems. TCS23 is meant for premium smartphone models and build on Arm’s new Armv9.2 architecture. Its GPUs are based on fifth-generation architecture, including the newly-launched Immortalis-G720, Mali-G720 and Mali-G620. The Armv9.2 compute cluster includes the new Cortex-4, Cortex-A720 and Cortex-A520 CPUs, and the DSU-120, Arm’s latest DynamiQ shared unit.

In his keynote today, Haas said Arm has traditionally been an IP supplier, but then started to see how long it was taking for IP to integrate with other IP. So to help SoC designers, it started to build CPU, memory systems and compute blocks before integrating, configuring and validating them to deliver a full system.

Arm is continuing its partnership with TSMC by “taping out the Cortex-X4 on the TSMC N3E process,” which it calls an industry first.

Owned by the SoftBank Group Corp, Arm announced last month that it had filed in the U.S. what will be this year’s largest initial public offering. It plans to raise between $8 billion to $10 billion in its IPO on Nasdaq.

Arm’s decision to make its stock debut comes as U.S. IPOs, excluding SPACs, are down about 22% to just $2.35 billion year-to-date, reports CNN.


Arm launches new chips for faster smartphone performance during Computex by Catherine Shu originally published on TechCrunch