Friday, 3 November 2023

Here’s What Happens When Streaming Services Increase Their Prices

by Rose White

<div>Here's What Happens When Streaming Services Increase Their Prices</div>

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The cost of many products and services has increased in recent years. If you subscribe to streaming services, you’ve likely noticed that you’re paying more than you did a few years ago.

While slight price changes might not make the biggest dent in your wallet, every additional expense you pay impacts your personal finances. It’s essential to consider how higher prices will affect your budget. Here’s what happens when streaming services increase their prices.

Your expenses increase

Even a slight price increase can impact your bank account balance. As more streaming companies continue to raise their prices, the additional costs can add up fast — especially if you pay for multiple streaming apps.

The more money you spend on everyday expenses, the less you’ll be able to put toward your financial goals, like paying off debt or building an emergency fund. It’s important to consider how the higher price tag will impact your finances.

You’ll need to decide if you want to pay more…or not

Once you discover that a streaming provider will increase prices, assessing your financial situation is vital to determining whether you can continue paying for the service. Depending on your situation, it may make sense to cancel your service for now. You can always resubscribe in the future if your financial situation changes.

If you’re unsure how a price hike will impact your wallet, now is a good time to review your spending habits. Many people have no idea how much money they spend every month or how much they pay for each service they use. So if you relate to this, you’re not alone.

Using one of the best budgeting apps is an excellent way to have more control over your finances. You can review your recent spending habits and set spending limits so you can stay on track as you work to reach your financial goals. If you’re new to budgeting, it gets easier with time, and apps can simplify the process and keep you informed.

Steps you can take to reduce your streaming app expenses

Finding out about another price increase can be upsetting. But luckily, you have control over what products and services you use. You may be able to avoid price increases by making strategic choices. Here are a few ways you can reduce your streaming app expenses.

  • Rotate services: Instead of paying for multiple services, you can rotate them to keep more cash in the bank. Paying for one service at a time can offer big savings. You can always give another service a try in a few months.
  • Downgrade your plan: If the news of price hikes is making you sad, you may consider downgrading your plan. There could be a cheaper plan available. Usually, the most affordable plans are ad-supported, but these plans won’t drive up your credit card bill as much.
  • Switch to a more affordable service: Some platforms are more costly. If one company becomes too pricey for your budget, you may want to cancel and switch to a more affordable provider. Paying $10 a month instead of $20 is a win.
  • Give free streaming services a try: When you use big-name services like Netflix, you can expect to pay up. But there are many free streaming services. You may want to ditch some of your paid streaming services and try free apps like Pluto TV and Freevee.

Streaming service price hikes may be the new norm, but remember: You remain in control. If you’re no longer happy with the cost of a service, you can make changes to keep your spending in check. Make sure you always keep your finances in mind when making purchase decisions.

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